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Sailability Shorncliffe was established in 2007 in Brisbane Australia. We are  affiliated with Sailability Queensland Inc. and work closely with other Sailability clubs across the State.

Australia is one of some 23 countries world-wide to host Sailabilty operations. As part of this wonderful heritage we are proud to  provide on-water experiences for people with disability.

We sail specially designed Access 303 dinghies and a wheelchair-friendly pontoon boat from  the protected waters of Cabbage Tree Creek , all watched over by an expertly crewed support boat.

A great setting and a great team.

To read more about Sailability's history click here.


Operating from the Queensland Cruising Yacht Club at Cabbage Tree Creek we enjoy a superb outlook and excellent grounds, and facilities enabling us to cater for all needs.

Our sailing course takes in the lower reaches of the creek and the basin, not far from the famous Shorncliffe Pier.


Our special equipment and boats mean that we can have you sailing in no time.

We'll take you out for about half an hour to let you experience the sights and sounds of the Shorncliffe waters. A time for you to relax and enjoy. Click here for some more details.

Our sailing fee is $15 (Carers who accompany you on the pontoon boat are free). 

Neat Storage Boxes


Sailability Shorncliffe is grateful for the support of  our hosts, Queensland Cruising Yacht Club, major sponsors, local businesses, families and friends.


With your help, people with disability are able to have these wonderful activities on the water.

We recognise some of our sponsors here but, of course, also appreciate those who make their contributions anonymously.

Thank you all.

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